What I Wish I Wore #1

Skærmbillede 2017-07-21 kl. 13.11.21
White shirt, $34.99 USD / Martin Grant midi skirt, $975.00 USD / Betsey Johnson crossbody purse, $68.00 USD
This gorgeous set is fresh and summerly and girlish and all things I can tell you I am most definitely not in real life 😉 I would pair it with a rope braid hairstyle like this created by The Freckled Fox. I’m totally trying to learn to braid my hair, so I’m still doing this hairstyle today even though I’m only dreaming of wearing the clothes.
xx El
Ps. This post is in no-way sponsored. And I do not know the Freckled Fox, though I do think she makes amazing tutorials (so far she’s the youtuber I’ve had the most success with watching while trying to braid my hair)


Dear Y’all,
So I might as well come clean now, I have a huge lingerie fetish.. I mean I have a huge fashion fetish, but I can spend hours on hours looking at lingerie online, and this fine set just made it into my buy pile as an early graduation present for myself. I like that it’s playful and girly, I usually end up buying plain black, because though I love looking, I’m not much of a risk-taker when I buy.. I’m really looking forward to wearing it! Sexy quality underwear can make any woman feel confident and, at least for me, wearing lingerie makes me feel like I’m in on a secret and that, well let’s just say that gives me an attractive aura.

I recently found this webshop, and no this post is not sponsored, and I love it so far. The pictures are borrowed from their site, and I’m really hoping I’m not currently breaking 30 mio different copyright laws, and if I am, I hope someone will let me know! I honestly have nothing you can sue me for 😉

The webshop is called My Lingerie Closet, they deliver discounted quality and high end lingerie to Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland so far. There selection is limited, but the price makes it worth it!

xx El