Journal Entry #2

Dear world,
So journal entry number 2, huh?

A couple of months back I broke up with my boyfriend of five years, and I didn’t shed a single tear. Don’t get me wrong: I love the guy, he is the most amazing man I have ever met, my best friend without a doubt. But he wasn’t the guy, you know? No? Let me try and explain..

I, like a lot of women these days, has a love for romance books. When I say romance books I mean both the innocent YA kind and the dirty “mommy porn” – they serve the same purpose. They give me a believe in the perfect love. Which is completely ridiculous right? I mean, love as a concept – I guess – exists, but the love portrayed in movies (not a big fan of rom-coms btw) and in romance books are glossy and picture perfect, and I guess real love isn’t like that. But if there is a tiny sliver of a chance that there might be a guy out there, who can make my heart feel as if it’s pounding out of my chest, who can make me shiver by whispering in my ear, and who can make it seem as if I’m seeing color for the first time, shouldn’t I be waiting for that? So I broke the heart of the only person, who’s ever been there unconditionally, and the only thing I felt was guilty that I hurt him – and that made me feel guilty for not feeling more.

In the end I think I’ve sort of come to terms with the fact, that he will always be my family. And I will always love him, but it was not fair to me, and it was definitely not fair to him, to keep a relationship going, if I was always going to wonder, if there was something more. And if there was more, I really want that for him as well.

I’m not completely sure what this rambling was for, except maybe easing my guilt – does that make me a bad person?

xx El

P.S. I’ve started writing my own romance novel, maybe I should share it here?


3 thoughts on “Journal Entry #2

    1. Hi! Thank you so much and thanks for stopping by. I don’t currently have any contact details available on this blog as I wish to stay somewhat anonymous because of the sensitive subjects. I’d just rather not be confronted with what I write here by family or friends as of now. You should however be able to contact me in the menu to the left, or otherwise leave a comment, and I’ll always try and reply!


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